Dollar Future


Decentralized Financial Exchange With Governance Token

What is DLF?

DLF is a dex protocol that bridges multiple blockchains allowing users to perform automated trading of decentralized tokens.

DollarFuture will allow anyone and everyone to trade multi-chain tokens on its platform with its efficient trading system using non-custodial wallets for exchange.

Dollarswap will generate liquidity tokens for the DLF NFT.

  • Free NFT tokens
  • Decentralised Dex
  • Periodic Burn
  • Verified Contract
  • Non-Custodial Wallets
  • Token Governance

Creating Limitless Possibilities

The DLF token will be used to secure and trade assets on our multi swap platform and also provide utility as real-life use cases for financial systems like staking, lending, and cross-chain transactions.

The same white-label blockchain technology that facilitates our swap dapps will be used to develop the first decentralized DEX for bitcoin.

Multiple Usecases With Integrated Systems

The ultimate goal of DLF is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of services from trading to utility to finance.

This will push the value of the DLF token steadily in addition to the burn process that takes place every month. Staking, trading, and farming will yield faster and higher returns with every transaction.

Benefits for DLF Token Holders


March 2021
Dex Release. Voting Platform Release. Farm Release. IDO release
May 2021
NFT integration. Bounty Distribution. Mobile Wallet Development
July 2021
Mobile Wallet release. NFT Games. More exchange listings.
September 2021
Blockchain Conceptualization. Node and Dapp development

Distribution of Tokens

The total Supply of DLF tokens is 500,000. The distribution ratio will be done as follows:

100,000 – DLF TRX Swap

50,000 – Bounty

50,000 – Development, Marketing, and Team Salary

300,000 – Locked for Farming


  • Bounty

  • Development

  • Farming


DLF BSC – 0x942ed7dfa2a564984747420d47c4f49c2b3140f9
DLF LIONS – Coming soon