Dollarfuture DEX will host the DLF lions on it’s platform. Users will be able to claim their DLF lions from the Dollarfuture DEX after the launch. The DLF Lions are a limited edition NFT set with only 2,000 lions available. This means the claiming of the DLF Lions will operate on a first come first serve basis on the platform.

The DLF Lions are classified into 5 categories and 3 classes. The classes are Common, Rare and Super Rare. The categories are the names of the lions and they all fall into one of the above classes.


Common: The lion categories under common are: Katanga, Kalahari, and Kruger. Supply is 1900.
Rare: The lion categories under rare are: Abyss and Armrula. Supply is 190
Super Rare: There is only one category under Super rare and that is the Prime Lion. Supply is 10.

The DLF Lions will be airdropped for FREE to ALL DLF holders based on the amount of DLF being held in their wallet. The classes of DLF received by users will depend on the amount of DLF being held by the users in the following ratio:

100 DLF – 500 DLF = Common class

500 DLF – 5000 DLF = Rare Class

5000 DLF + = Super Rare Class

PLEASE NOTE: The claiming period for the Lions is just 24 hours. Any Lion not claimed will be auctioned in our NFT marketplace.


The DLF Lions are living beasts and they must be fed daily. Luckily, their feeding can be gotten for free by providing liquidity for DLF on DLF DEX. This means that if you provide liquidity for DLF on DLF Dex, you will receive liquidity tokens for free. You will then feed your lion 1 liquidity token per day. This comes with a catch, however. If your lion is not fed within 24 hours, it will be seized and placed on auction for anyone to buy it off. Continuous feeding of the lion will ensure continuous growth and a higher value of the cub. The cubs will become semi-adults after 4 weeks and Full lions after 8 weeks.

The snapshot dates and distribution dates will be announced here on our website or in our telegram channel @dollarfuture

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