DLF Public Sale

Dollarfuture public sale will be held on our Dex at 12pm UTC on the 5th of April 2021. The DLF token sale will be listed in the launchpad zone and available for sale for all BSC users.

The DLF BSC token sale will start after liquidity has been pulled from pancakeswap. The sale will hold for 5 hours or till 100,000 tokens have been sold. The tokens for the sale will be locked into the DEX and used to provide liquidity for the trades on DLF.

SOFT CAP is $100,000
HARD CAP is $200,000

The token sale price will be held in 3 stages.

First round will be at $1.5 for 20,000 tokens.
Second round will be at $1.8 for 30,000 tokens
Third round will be at $2 for 50,000 tokens

The Dollarswap Dex will use a unique DLF token for the sale. This is to reduce price slippage across both exchanges. After Liquidity is pulled, the snapshot will be taken of current DLF holders and they will receive the exact same amount of the number of oldDLF held for the new DLF. They will receive this immediately after the public sale as public sale participants are receiving theirs as well.

The reason for the need for a new DLF token is because the old token cannot work with the Dex. The Dex itself has to issue its own token that can be used for farming on it. And it is this token that we have adopted as the new DLF. The supply and distribution remain the same.

The contract address for the new DLF can be found here.

Application for swap for the new token to be updated for bscan has been filed and an announcement will be made once it has taken effect.

If you have any questions kindly send us a message on telegram.

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