DLF Telegram Bounty Distribution

The DLF Bounty campaign that started at the beginning of march will come to a close in less than 2 weeks. Users that participated and COMPLETED all the tasks in the bot will be eligible for the bounty contest. This means that users that do one or less than all of the bounty taks will not be eligible for the bounty tasks.

The pool for the telegram bounty is only 50,000 DLF tokens. Currently, there are more bounty participants than the allotted amount for bounty distribution. As a result of this, an extra criteria has been added for the distribution of the bounty.


As a result of the overwhelming participation in the DLF bounty, and to reduce spam, extra criteria have been added for eligibility. All bounty participants are required to hold at least 1 DLF in the address they submitted for bounty in other to receive their bounty tokens. Please note that you are not paying anything to receive your tokens. All you have to do is hold just 1 DLF in your bounty wallet and the tokens will be airdropped to you. This is for 2-factor verification to screen out bots and only distribute tokens to DLF holders.


The snapshot for the DLF bounty distribution will be taken one week from the date of this post, i.e 24th of March 2021. The distribution will be done one week after. Any bounty participant NOT holding DLF at the time of the snapshot will not receive their bounty rewards.
After the snapshot has been taken, DLF will be distributed to ALL DLF holders that participated in the bounty.

Kindly note that if your refferals do not also meet the eligibility criteria, you will not get the reward for that refferal. A refferal is only counted after it has fulfilled all the conditions for refferal satus.

Visit our telegram for more information on the bounty procedure.


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