Dollarfuture Bounty Round 2

It’s Christmas again!

It’s actually not, but when DLF announce their bounties, its practically the same thing.

The dollarfuture platform has begun it’s final Bounty round with approximately 25,000 DLF tokens up for grabs for participants.

You can participate in the telegram bounty here.

The Dollarfuture bounty is coming just before our scheduled AMA on This AMA will give community members an opportunity to ask Dev team questions and will hold in the BSC news channel. The date for the AMA is 10th of MAY 2021 as indicated below:

The Dollarfuture Round 2 BOUNTY consists of a Telegram Bounty and a Liquidity bounty, You can read on the liquidity bounty here.

The Bounty will last for 4 weeks after which distribution will be done one week after.

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