Dollarfuture Contract Swap: Reduced Supply, Farming, Pool, and Launchpad

In the Den contract we launched, it launched two contracts simultaneously which conflicted against each other hence the APY was not showing. We could have left it like that and keep using the DEX but I’d prefer that we iron out all the bugs as soon as possible.

So what we have done now is to rework the entire farm contract to ensure that the APY works well this time around.

And in the process, we’ve had to create a new token. So we’re going to swap the old token you have for a new one. That’s why we’re asking you to keep the token in your wallet. So it’ll be easy to drop you the new one. The contract for the new token can be found here

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience as I’m sure you must already be getting tired of hearing the word swap everytime .

But this time, supply has been reduced to 200k. Out of the 200k, we will pay for bounties and cater for the trx part as well. What is left will be sold in our last sale just before the nft game.

So yeah, team will basically have little or no allocation.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, when farming, the total supply keeps increasing. Now the only way to get more will be to mine. And as we mine, the supply will increase from 200k and keep moving upward. When the total supply gets to 500,000. The mining will stop automatically.

Please bear with us during this technical period. We’re just trying to take all precautions to avoid what happened with the gaming again.

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