Dollarfuture Presale + AMA Announcement

DLF final sale is set to commence on the 11th of May 2021.

With only 200k supply and more than 50% in the hand of community members, the DLF sale will mark the final hand over of the tokens to community members. The proceeds from the sale will be used to list DLF on 3 centralised exchanges:




The presale will follow our AMA session on where the team will answer questions and disclose our plans for the project.

The dollarfuture presale will hold right here on our website where users will be able to buy directly with their metamask or trust wallet.

The sale will take place in forms of contributions where users will be required to purchase the tokens via BNB. Minimum amount per address is 0.4BNB and maximum is 3 BNB per address. During the period of the sale, the funds raised will be locked in a contract which admin will NOT have access to.

The only way for funds to be removed from the contract will depend on the approval of the contributors. At least 10% of all contributors must approve admin request to remove funds from the contract. Without approval of the contribuors, admin will not be able to remove the funds.

In this way, the contributors acts as self appointed hedge fund managers of the raised funds. Each time funds are withdrawn, the reason for each withdrawal is stated clearly so contributors can make an informed decision before investing.


In addition to the public sale process, all participants in the sale will receive 1 rare class DLF Lion each per address. This is designed to ensure that the distribution of the NFT remains wihin core DLF holders. For more information about the DLF Lion NFT, you can read it here.

More updates to follow

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